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John G. (Johnny George) (Mueller)
3655 West Anthem Way A109-303 Anthem AZ 85086 voice actor, producer, consultant Married 1
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Portia Abbett (Abbett Wright)
Female July 28, 1954 1502 Sunkist Way Ft. Myers 33905 Co-owner of ServiceMaster of Ft. Myers Married
I live in sunny SW Florida on the river and wake up to the manatees and alligators. I enjoy boating, have taken up painting, work extensively with the homeless and along with my husband am raising our 10 yr old step Grandson. Send Portia a MessageSend Portia a Message
Janet Acheson (Gragg)
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John Adams
. Carmel IN 46033 retired Married 2
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Mark Scott Adams
8058 Bowline Dr. Indianapolis IN 46236-8853
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Robert C. Adams
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Sandra K. Adams
1211 Lansdowne Rd. Indianapolis IN 46234
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Steve Adams
August 23, 1954 2508 Orlando St. Indianapolis IN 46228 Caregiver Married
I'm so grateful for the enduring memories I have of  many of you, through Fall Creek, Eastwood and NC!  Send Steve a MessageSend Steve a Message
Jill S. Ader (Hoffman)
4520 Red Oak Ln. Long Grove IL 60047
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Ronald E. Adkins
5893 W Port Dr. McCordsville IN 46055-9336
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